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Fwd: Moscow C. Redpolls 1/21/08 & weekend birds

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From: Charles Swift <>
Date: Jan 23, 2008 3:15 PM
Subject: Moscow C. Redpolls 1/21/08 & weekend birds
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Hi All -

On Monday afternoon (1/21/08) I found 6-8 Common Redpolls with ~15 American Goldfinches at the UI Plant Science Farm (Parker Farm) just east of Moscow. They were in the usual spot at the northwest corner of the large planting area east of buildings. I didn't see the Hoary Redpoll on Monday. The location is on my Latah Co. birding sites map here:

I also noted a fair number of birds in Moscow over the weekend and especially enjoyed a gathering of (at various times) Cedar and Bohemian Waxwings, American Robins, and E. Starlings on a scraggly Mnt. Ash in a neighbor's yard. In the midst of this a male A. Kestrel bombed through and provided nice looks - in my part of town I'm expecting Merlins rather than kestrels at this time of year! On Saturday (1/19/08) I had 3 different Bewick's Wrens singing within several blocks and on Sunday AM had a pair of them just down the alley. I also continue to have a few Pine Siskins at the feeders and elsewhere and have had some decent sized flocks (30 or more) or Red Crossbills around town.

I had a great deal of activity at the feeders on Saturday and a fair amount on Sunday but surprisingly little activity on Monday which was the coldest day recently. Not sure if there was some mortality over night or just a shift in feeding patters (there are other feeders around after all). This morning (1/23/08) I had a male Cassin's Finch at the feeder and I've had a 1 legged DE Junco at my feeders since 1/20 (surprising it has survived this long in this cold!).

I've included a number of eBird reports below.

thanks, Charles.


eBird reports:

Location:     414 S. Lincoln & vicinity
Observation date:     1/19/08
Notes:     Snowy morning walk around east Moscow w/ Iris in stroller.
Number of species:     16

Northern Flicker     8
American Crow     6
Common Raven     3
Black-capped Chickadee     3
Mountain Chickadee     1
Red-breasted Nuthatch     3
Bewick's Wren     3
Golden-crowned Kinglet     1
American Robin     15
European Starling     40
Cedar Waxwing     10
Dark-eyed Junco     25
House Finch     25
Red Crossbill     30
Pine Siskin     10
House Sparrow     10

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Location:     414 S. Lincoln & vicinity
Observation date:     1/20/08
Notes:     waxwings, robins, and starlings all feeding on scraggly Mnt. Ash tree in neighbor yard across alley. Yard and alley had lots of birds for several days now - very birds! A DE Junco w/ only one leg has been around since 1/20.
Number of species:     9

American Kestrel     1     Dove through big flock of birds along alley behind house. (Not sure if it got anything!)
Bewick's Wren     2     Pair at alley & 3rd St.
American Robin     30
European Starling     200
Bohemian Waxwing     100
Cedar Waxwing     20
Dark-eyed Junco     20
House Finch     X
House Sparrow     X

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also on 1/20 - 200 Bohemian Waxwings along Mountainview Rd. and a Rough-legged Hawk on Moscow Mountain Rd (outside of town)

Location:     Northeast Moscow (Mountain View Park & vicinity)
Observation date:     1/21/08
Notes:     Walked around Good Sam Village. Owl sign in conifers but couldn't find any owls. H. Sparrows & H. Finches were in hedgerow and near large feeder spread of house on D St.
Number of species:     10

Mourning Dove     1
American Crow     12
Black-capped Chickadee     1
Brown Creeper     1
American Robin     5
European Starling     20
Dark-eyed Junco     X
House Finch     100
Pine Siskin     20
House Sparrow     200

Location:     UI Plant Science Farm
Observation date:     1/21/08
Notes:     Redpolls were w/ AMGO in nw corner of wind break.
Number of species:     11

Ring-necked Pheasant     3
California Quail     15
Cooper's Hawk     1
Black-billed Magpie     2
Black-capped Chickadee     2
American Robin     7
European Starling     1
Bohemian Waxwing     10
Dark-eyed Junco     20
Common Redpoll     6
American Goldfinch     15

Charles Swift
Moscow, ID

Charles Swift
Moscow, ID