Sunday, March 23, 2008

Latah Co. Golden Eagle etc., 3/23/2008

Howdy All -

I watched an adult Golden Eagle for several minutes this afternoon a bit east of Moscow (Randall Flat & Lyons Rd. to be exact). It was heading more or less north but didn't seem to be in hurry. This was during a short trip this afternoon while giving my daughter Iris a car nap. Here are a few other sightings of interest:

Syringa Ponds - ice free, Canada Goose - 15 (incl. a possible "Lesser" Canada Goose = B.c.parvipes, digiscoped images), Ring-necked duck -1, Bufflehead - 18, C. Goldeneye - 5

Randall Flat & Lyons Rd. - Spotted Towhee, Evening Grosbeak - 3, Cassin's Finches, Pine Siskins

Randall Flat & Felton Rds. - W. Bluebird - 2 (another bluebird was east of Troy)

East of Troy along ID-8 - Turkey Vulture 2, I had 4 Turkey Vultures nearby from Burnt Ridge Rd. returning from Deary, seems a bit early to me

Spring Valley Res. - still frozen

Deary Sewage Ponds - Bufflehead 54, C. Goldeneye - 5, just west of Deary I had 4 Red-tailed Hawks with 3 of them sharing the same telephone pole!

Camps Canyon Rd (east of Troy off Burnt Ridge Rd.) - small farm pond had 8 Common Mergansers and a Rough-legged Hawk was nearby.

 I also made a quick stop at the Burnt Ridge Cemetery in my continuing quest to visit rural cemeteries in Latah Co. This is a very nice one w/ great views. Also noted today were lots of robins in the wet fields and a good number of juncos (many singing).

This past week at my feeders here in Moscow I've continued to have a regular group of Cassin's Finches (up to 6 or so), a smattering of Pine Siskins (also noted today widely), and the usual winter junco flock. I've also had a Spotted Towhee in the yard on and off since last Monday evening. Today I noted several of the "female-type" (i.e. brown) Cassin's Finches had some light red wash in the face and head which I presumes indicates 1st winter males.

thanks, Charles.

Charles Swift
Moscow, ID