Saturday, February 28, 2009

Latah Co. Tundra Swans & N. Pintail, 2/27/09

Hi All -

On Friday afternoon I found 11 Tundra Swans, ~20 Canada Geese, ~150 Mallards, and ~20 Northern Pintails along the Palouse R. in Latah Co., ID a few miles east of town of Palouse, WA. The broad floodplain here has standing water in low areas and is attractive to waterfowl. There isn't much else in the way of open water except the rivers which are flowing fast and full w/ snow melt at the moment. This area should continue to be attractive to waterbirds until these ephemeral ponds dry up later in the spring. The best way to access this area is from the town of Palouse along North or South River Rd.

thanks, Charles.

Charles Swift
Moscow, ID

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