Friday, January 01, 2010

eBird Report - Brickyard Subdivision, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Location:     Brickyard Subdivision

Observation date:     1/1/10

Notes:     New Year's Day walk around my brother Kevin's neighborhood in Mt. Pleasant, SC w/ Kevin & Deb. A nice variety of typical birds on a cool and cloudy afternoon. Loads of Myrtle Warblers are in the area for the winter. With a bit more effort I could have had 40 species. Happy New Year to all!!

Number of species:     37

Canada Goose     5
Mallard     25
Common Loon     1
Pied-billed Grebe     1
Brown Pelican     4
Double-crested Cormorant     3
Anhinga     1
Great Blue Heron     2
Great Egret     3
Little Blue Heron     1
Black Vulture     8
Turkey Vulture     30
Bald Eagle     1
Red-shouldered Hawk     1
Ring-billed Gull     15
Herring Gull     2
Belted Kingfisher     1
Red-bellied Woodpecker     1
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker     1
Northern Flicker     2
Pileated Woodpecker     2
Blue Jay     2
American Crow     15
Carolina Chickadee     7
Tufted Titmouse     1
Carolina Wren     2
Ruby-crowned Kinglet     1
Eastern Bluebird     6
Northern Mockingbird     3
Yellow-rumped Warbler     300
Chipping Sparrow     6
White-throated Sparrow     4
Dark-eyed Junco     6
Northern Cardinal     4
Red-winged Blackbird     10
House Finch     6
American Goldfinch     4

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Charles Swift
Moscow, ID


Robert Mortensen said...

I lived in Greer, South Carolina (between Greenville & Spartanburg) a few years ago before I was a birder. What a great place! I do miss it.

Charles Swift said...

Thanks for the note! It's been pretty pleasant here but suppose to get cold tomorrow. We're heading up to Myrtle Beach for a few days on Sunday. Hope to do a bit more birding as time permits. Nice to have an Anhinga in the subdivision pond behind my brother's house here!