Friday, January 06, 2012

eBird google gadget (shows recent report and rarities)

If you use Google's iGoogle web portal (handy if you use gmail and other Google apps) you might want to check out this useful eBird gadget written by an avid young eBirder from MI
- described on his blog here:

You can get it directly from Google here:

eBird has it's own Google gadget available here (but this functionality is included in the above gadget):

You will need to enter some information such as the latilong coordinates of your home town (e.g. Moscow = 46.7300,-117.0000) which are easily attainable from the Web and the area you are interested in (I'd start w/ something like 30 km and alter as needed, too big an area may produce many records that may not be of interest).

Even if you don't use gmail etc. you can get a free Google account and run the iGoogle portal on one of your web browser tabs. There are lots of other useful gadgets that can be installed such as weather, news, Facebook, etc.

Charles Swift
Moscow, Idaho
46°43′54″ N, 116°59′50″ W

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