Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Moscow Cackling Goose etc., 4/2/14

The Moscow ("minima") Cackling Goose is still present at the UI Dairy, usually w/ a small group of Canadas in the field well west of the ponds. There have been a few Brewer's Blackbirds mixed in with the large flock of starlings for several days in the fields behind (north) of the Dairy as well as a few Horned Larks. Brewer's are presumably recent arrivals and I'm expecting cowbirds and YH Blackbird at this location any day now. Also 3 migrating Tree Swallows went by here this AM.

The Moscow Harris's Sparrow is still being reported including yesterday in the main part of the UI Arboretum (presumably the same bird present in the area at least since January). Ruby-crowned Kinglets are being reported at the Arboretum since last week (I had 6 there on Sunday), as well as a few towhees, and a Fox Sparrow in the past few days (all gleaned from eBird).

Elsewhere around town Violet-green Swallows have been on UI Campus regularly for about a week now and Lesser Goldfinches are singing on campus, in the Arboretum, and various places around town (including my east Moscow neighborhood).


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