Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Kootenai White Pelicans etc. over weekend

Hi All -

We were up in north Idaho over the weekend. Although we didn't do much
birding we did note of few birds of interest while at Round Lake, the
Hiawatha Trail, and Silverwood theme park (entertaining my brother and

7/1 -
White Pelican - 9 at Cougar Bay on Lake C d'A, presumably part of the
large influx reported by Shirley recently
Bald Eagle - pair of adults at Round Lake State Park, Bonner Co., a
small lake so presumably these are non or post breeders

- plenty of the expected Idaho forest breeding species at Round Lake
where we camped 2 nights, we were serenaded by Swainson's Thrushes
both mornings

7/2 -
Hiawatha bike trail - from East Portal (Taft, MT exit - just over the
ID/MT border south of I-90) south along Loop Ck to Pearson, ID
(Shoshone Co.), none of these are actual towns, just map place names
and extinct towns along the railroad.

- again, many of the expected northern Rockies breeders, of interest
Western Flycatcher, Varied Thrush, Wilson's Warbler

7/3 -
Silverwood Theme Park, north of C d'A - we were mostly distracted by
the rides, water slides, etc. but did note a flock of ~30 RING-BILLED
GULLS in the parking lot (presume post breeders). Also lots of
VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS nesting around buildings in the park.

thanks, Charles.

Charles Swift
Moscow, ID

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