Saturday, July 23, 2005

Moscow shorebirds, 7/23/05

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From: Charles Swift <>
Date: Jul 24, 2005 8:32 AM
Subject: Moscow shorebirds, 7/23/05

Hi All -

Shorebirds are pretty hard to come by in town here but can show up at
the UI Dairy's slop ponds. If they mowed the vegetation along the
shoreline there would probably be more.Yesterday there were these few:

Killdeer - a few
Common Snipe - 1
Least Sandpiper - 2
Western Sandpiper - 1

If I could get myself over therer more often I'd probably find a few
more but it is not the most pleasant place to look for birds!

thanks, Charles.

ps a Western Flycatcher just called (suweet) in our backyard

Charles Swift
Moscow, ID

Charles Swift
Moscow, ID

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