Friday, April 04, 2008

Latah Co., 4/4/2008

Hi All -

Iris and I went for a drive east of Moscow this afternoon out to Deary and back. It was snowing heavy, wet snow when we got to Deary. North of Deary there was still a foot or more of snow in places (I'm sure there is much more up higher). [On a side note, from a high point in Moscow on Thursday, we could see lots of patches of snow on the Palouse hills surrounding Moscow, pretty unusual for early April.] Also noted a lot of standing water in fields and creeks running pretty full out east of Moscow.

Just east of Troy a Turkey Vulture flew over. I checked Spring Valley Res. which is still fast frozen but there are a dozen or so Canada Geese on the grassy areas waiting for it to thaw. The Deary Sewage Ponds were busy - list below. (Pied-billed Grebe was interesting at this location, clearly a migrant.)

Location:     Deary Sewage Ponds
Observation date:     4/4/08
Notes:     East ponds counted from church and west church from highway. Wet snow falling at time but good visibility.
Number of species:     12

Canada Goose     X
Wood Duck     5
Mallard     4
Bufflehead     36
Common Goldeneye     11
Barrow's Goldeneye     1
Pied-billed Grebe     1
Killdeer     1
Black-billed Magpie     X
Common Raven     3
Pine Siskin     X
Evening Grosbeak     15 fly overs

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North of Deary I did a traveling count along Mica Mountain Rd. looping back on Deer Rd. and had 3 Savannah Sparrows among others. After checking out the old Avon Cemetery just to the west I did another traveling count the Ailor Cutoff Rd. back to the highway (ID-3). Results are below. 


Location:     Ailor Rd.
Observation date:     4/4/08
Notes:     Road follows Big Bear Ck. in part. Lots of standing water. Snipe was calling.
Number of species:     11

Canada Goose     30
Mallard     4
Hooded Merganser     1
Wilson's Snipe     1
Black-billed Magpie     6
American Robin     X
European Starling     X
Savannah Sparrow     1
Red-winged Blackbird     18
Western Meadowlark     2
Brewer's Blackbird     1

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Charles Swift
Moscow, ID

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