Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moscow area weekend birds

Hi All -

Not too much to report as I've been working around the house mostly (in between trips to the park to play w/ Iris!). With the warm weather the bird activity in town has dropped off considerably but I still had a small group of CASSIN'S FINCHES at my feeders this afternoon and a few DE JUNCOS still around yesterday (Saturday). Robins and crows are clearly nesting in the area (found a crow nest in E. City Park this PM). Also had a Ruby-crowned Kinglet singing near the house (and more on Friday at the UI Arboretum).

While running errands I managed a few quick stops. Notable yesterday at "Loch 95" - the spring runoff pond along US 95  north of Moscow - were 6 GW Teal, Mallard, 3 N. Pintail, 15 A. Wigeon, and 2 Ring-necked Ducks. Today (Sunday) at the UI Dairy ponds were a male Wood Duck and a female Hooded Merganser together (both pretty good Moscow City species).

There have been a lot of California Tortoiseshell butterflies flying around Moscow the past few days. This is an interesting species as all adults overwinter and then breed the following spring. Apparently there was an influx into the are last fall - they are also known to have erratic population explosions and mass migrations.

Tomorrow could be interesting w/ this vigorous low pressure arriving perhaps grounding some migrants.

thanks, Charles.

Charles Swift
Moscow, ID

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