Saturday, May 28, 2011

Moscow area birds week in review (5/23 - 5/28)

I've been checking my neighborhood most mornings this week for migrants, checked the UI Arboretum one day and noted birds around town and on campus. There has been a thin trickle of migrants during the week as summarized below. A few regular species are still missing locally such as Western Wood-Pewee and Western Flycatcher (both nest in town/campus) but typically are a bit later in town than elsewhere. I've also had no Western Tanagers this week and we typically get a late May push of this species - especially noticeable when we have cool, wet weather at the end of the month. Also of interest in town were a pair of Western Kingbirds at the UI Dairy  on 5/24 (although they usually nest just to the north near the UI Sheep Farm) and a Say's Phoebe at the medical campus above the old Moscow Wal-Mart (although they probably nest most years just to the south at the UI Cow barns). Finally I had a couple more Lesser Goldfinches along Paradise Creek on the southeast side of campus n 5/25.

Dusky Flycatcher - several
Hammond's Flycatcher - several
Warbling Vireo - most days (possibly some are local breeders)
Cassin's Vireo - 5/27
Yellow Warbler - most days, probably all local breeders
Townsend's Warbler - 5/24 UI Arb
Wilson's Warbler - only a couple
Lazuli Bunting - most days, 5 in neighborhood 5/28
Chipping Sparrow - most days, 30 UI Arb 5/24
Lesser Goldfinch - 5/25, 2 on southeast side of campus along Paradise Creek

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