Thursday, June 02, 2011

some late (and not late) Moscow migrants on June 1

I had an Orange-crowned Warbler and a female Townsend's Warbler in and around my yard last evening. The Townsend's doesn't seem that unusual but I was quite surprised to see an Orange-crowned wandering around my yard on June 1. Earlier in the morning I had a calling Hammond's Flycatcher (getting a bit late for a migrant I think) and a Wilson's Warbler which on the other hand is not unusual to be migrating into early June (possibly heading way up north to the muskeg of the Yukon or similar exotic locale). No hordes of Western Tanagers this year as in some previous cool wet late spring periods. 

A rainy walk late in the afternoon through the UI Arboreta produced little except for several Calliope Hummingbirds guarding their (presumed) territories from high perches and Golden-crowned Kinglets which seem to regularly nest in the older conifer-dominated Shattuck Arboretum. I was hoping for maybe an Olive-sided Flycatcher which would be expected this late in migration but no luck -perhaps in the next few days though. 

Nothing new (or even much at all) this morning but perhaps when this latest system clears out we will get some more late migrants.

thanks, Charles.

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