Friday, June 10, 2011

Moscow - Eastside birds, Jun 10, 2011 (& a few others)

I'm still getting a few apparent migrants here in my east Moscow residential neighborhood with Western Tanager and Lazuli Bunting this morning. Also "Western" Flycatchers finally showed up in my neighborhood in past few days (and on campus at Shattuck on Monday 6/6). I've noticed what I now presume is the same Hammond's Flycatcher in my area for a week now possibly advertising for a mate which is a first for me here. Also still at least 1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet singing nearby. My quick morning survey eBird list is below (which I do most mornings if possible).

Some other sightings of interest for the past week (which I've had limited time to post) include a Common Nighthawk roosting in my yard (way cool) on Sunday afternoon (6/5) and a 2 Common Poorwills on private property along the Snake R. south of Lewiston the evening of 6/4. I was still noting some migrant warblers through earlier this week and Monday (6/6) had a couple of Gray Catbirds in the UI Arboretum which are potential breeders at that location.

thanks, Charles.

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Moscow - Eastside (My Neighborhood), Latah, US-ID
Jun 10, 2011 7:20 AM - 7:35 AM
Protocol: Traveling
0.2 mile(s)
Comments:     Western Flycatchers finally here locally also a few lingering migrants (?). A Hammond's Flycatcher may be on territory.
14 species

California Quail  1
Downy Woodpecker  1
Hammond's Flycatcher  1
Cordilleran Flycatcher  1
American Crow  6     family group
Red-breasted Nuthatch  1
American Robin  6
European Starling  10
Cedar Waxwing  2
Western Tanager  1
Lazuli Bunting  1
House Finch  5
American Goldfinch  2
House Sparrow  8

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