Monday, June 27, 2005

Nez Perce Co. Grasshopper Sparrow, 6/26/2005

I found (i.e. heard) a GRASSHOPPER SPARROW on Hubbard Gulch Rd. this
morning on stop 30 of my 4th (and final!) BBS route of the year.
Hubbard Gulch Rd. runs north from River Rd. along the Clearwater R.,
best accessed by the Lenore bridge to the east. The bird was singing
from a small weedy field dominated by teasle. The location is < 1 mile
up Hubbard Gulch Rd. across from the mailbox painted with "Jesus Loves
You".It may be possible to see with some patience.

This species seems to like a bit of vertical sructure in its grassy
patches in the form of scattered weeds or small shrubs. This type of
habitat is hard to come by in Latah and Nez Perce Cos. I've had them
twice on my Joel BBS and know of one other location east of Moscow
(which I checked on my way home to no avail).

Other birds of interest in Hubbard Gulch included YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT
and many of the other species typically found in this shrubby habitat.

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