Monday, January 26, 2009

Moscow Pine Grosbeak update, 1/26/09

I had ~45 Pine Grosbeaks on my walk into work this morning (on a sub-zero degree but beautifully clear morning!). There was a group of ~25 grosbeaks (including at least 1 nice adult male) at the intersection of 7th & Adams, many of which were feeding on a deciduous tree w/ bunches of dry, hanging seeds. I had PIGR on a similar tree in a different part of town several weeks ago. Still haven't figured out what kind of tree this is - I'll try to get a photo next time - it's probably an ornamental of some kind. I also had a group of ~20 Pine Grosbeaks in the tops of spruces just outside my building on the central part of the UI Campus.


Charles Swift
Moscow, ID

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