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Fwd: eBird Report - Foothill Rd. ponds , 5/14/09

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Hi All -

I hit several wetlands north of Moscow yesterday afternoon. A few new species included Wilson's Phalarope and Common Yellowthroat at Foothill Rd. ponds (compete list below for that location) and several Soras calling spontaneously at the "Sora Spot" wetlands on Mountainview Rd. Also personal FOYs were Bank Swallow (a couple migrants at the Sora spot) and Blue-winged Teal. I've added 22 species to my Latah Co. year list just this week - there's nothing like spring migration and new arrivals!

The Red-tailed Hawks mentioned below are on nest just south of the ponds.

thanks. Charles.

Location:     Foothill Rd. ponds
Observation date:     5/14/09
Notes:     A nice variety of birds in 15 minutes in between rain showers including a few FOYs.
Number of species:     18

Canada Goose     2
Mallard     2
Cinnamon Teal     2
Green-winged Teal     2
Great Blue Heron     1
Red-tailed Hawk     2
American Coot     1
Wilson's Snipe     1
Wilson's Phalarope     3
Tree Swallow     3
Barn Swallow     1
American Robin     1
European Starling     3
Common Yellowthroat     1
Savannah Sparrow     1
Red-winged Blackbird     6
Yellow-headed Blackbird     2
Brewer's Blackbird     6

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Charles Swift
Moscow, ID

Charles Swift
Moscow, ID

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