Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moscow migrant report, 5/21/09

Hi All -

Migrants are greatly reduced in town today after yesterdays nice push of birds. It was quieter around my house this morning and on a walk through the Shattuck Arboretum at noon. Some migrants were noted but in some cases by this date in town it's hard to determine migrant vs. local breeder. Some birds of interest noted this morning and my speculation on their status are listed below. It would be really interesting to study the ebb and flow of migration at a migrant trap like Basset park (Washtucna, Adams Co., WA). There must be a lot of existing Washtucna data - it would be great to get it into eBird and do some analysis.


select species - east Moscow & Shattuck Arboretum, 5/21/09

Western Wood-Pewee - 1 calling on 7th St. in shady yard, migrant and local breeder in town
Warbling Vireo - probably migrants but may nest in town and has nested in UI Arboretum
Cassin's Vireo - probably migrant
Hermit Thrush - 1 AM, and 2 at Shattuck, migrants
Ruby-crowned Kinglet - 7 found on walk around neighborhood this morning, all singing consistently from a localized area, appearing teritorial, will have to determine local breeding status this year!
Yellow Warbler - a pretty common breeder in town along Paradise Ck. & elsewhere, nested in my lilacs one year, presumed migrants noted in mixed flocks, or not behaving teritorially
Yellow-rumped Warbler - has probably nested in Shattuck Arboretum but also a common migrant w/ some birds coming through
Wilson's Warbler - migrants, typically trickle through until early June, most common migrant warbler after mid-May I'd guess
Western Tanager - probably migrants or non-breeders, commonly seen well into June in town
Black-headed Grosbeak - same as W. Tanager
Lazuli Bunting - migrants
Chipping Sparrow - just a few scattered, mostly migrants but nests around on the edge of town
Lincoln's Sparrow - 1 flew through my yard this AM, migrant

Charles Swift
Moscow, ID

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