Sunday, May 24, 2009

Moscow neighborhood sightings, 5/22/09 - 5/24/09

image - Cedar Waxwings in our backyard apple tree.

Migrant activity has dropped off considerably in the past few days but plenty of birds are still to be found on the east side of Moscow. This morning I had another WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL - this time a lone male in a spruce on the south side of the Latah Co. Fairgrounds about 6 blocks south of my house. The only migrants this AM were a Wilson's Warbler in my yard and a couple of Dusky Flycatchers (another interesting empid. was left unidentified). I've included a complete list from my morning walk below although this is somewhat atypical as I walked farther (~2 miles) than usual (and as a result had to count more house sparrows, starlings, and house finches than usual which is a bother!).

On 5/22 I had another LEWIS'S WOODPECKER in the yard and have attached an image of that bird. Also in the past week we've had fledged young Great Horned Owls and I've attached an image of an adult and young bird that were just across the alley for a day or 2. Also of interest in the past couple days I've had 2 fly-overs of a WESTERN KINGBIRD (a new yard bird) which I presume is nesting somewhere to the south of us (although not at the fairgrounds which seemed a likely location). Finally the Cedar Waxwings have descended on our yard and have been devouring the flowers off our apple tree which just came into bloom this week.


Location: Moscow - East Side (My Home) - 2 mile rt walk to southeast
Observation date: 5/24/09
Number of species: 30

Ring-necked Pheasant 3
California Quail 5
Great Blue Heron 2 - flying fairly high
American Kestrel 1
Rock Pigeon 2
Mourning Dove 7
Vaux's Swift 2
Northern Flicker 2
Dusky Flycatcher 2
American Crow 6
Violet-green Swallow 4
Barn Swallow 1
Black-capped Chickadee 1
Red-breasted Nuthatch 3
Bewick's Wren 1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet 5
American Robin 25
European Starling 25
Cedar Waxwing 15
Yellow Warbler 1
Wilson's Warbler 1
Chipping Sparrow 3
Song Sparrow 2
Red-winged Blackbird 1
Brown-headed Cowbird 4
House Finch 20
White-winged Crossbill 1
Pine Siskin 8
American Goldfinch 7
House Sparrow 20

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